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Who operates this website?


CAM Regulation is owned and operated by NAFKAM – Norway’s National Research Centre on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The information presented on the CAM Regulation website  is based on the CAMbrella report, which assessed the regulatory status of CAM in 39 European countries as part of an EU-funded project within the Seventh Framework Programme. Since the publication of the CAMbrella report in 2012, NAFAM has been updating the website as and when changes in CAM legislation occur.

NAFKAMs mission is to generate and disseminate unbiased, research-based knowledge about CAM to help people make well-informed choices for their own health. With this website, we aim to provide systematic, searchable and unbiased information about the regulation of CAM in Europe; primarily to enable European citizens to make informed and safe choices when they travel and seek CAM treatment abroad. We also aim at facilitating knowledge for policy makers, and for CAM practitioners considering establishing themselves outside their home country.

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CAM Regulation is hosted by NAFKAM

Norway's National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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