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Acupuncture in Belgium

The Chamber of Acupuncture was proposed based on the Colla law in 1999. Member nominations have been made according to the Royal Decree in the Belgian Parliament in 2010 (28). The Belgium Association of Medical Doctors Acupuncturists (B.A.M.D.A.) was founded in 1973 (47).

There are two Academies of medicine in Belgium, one in each linguistic region of the country. Both Academies have issued, although separately, concordant advice of reserving the practice of acupuncture exclusively to doctors, but at the same time they discourage this practice altogether. The future of acupuncture will be decided by political feasibility (47).

At the end of 2011 the Chamber of Acupuncture, which serves as an advisory body to the Minister of Health and Social Security was constituted with representatives of the universities, the professional unions of doctor-acupuncturists and non-doctor acupuncturists (47).


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