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Acupuncture in France

Acupuncture is regulated by law in France, is offered in hospitals and provided by doctors, midwives and veterinarians (113). Since 1950 the medical association has recognized acupuncture as an additional medical qualification which can be legally practised by medical doctors (106, 110).

The national Capacity Diploma for Acupuncture is implemented by the decree of 26 April 2007 (Official Gazette No.126 of June 2, 2007, page 9993).

In a decision dated February 9, 2010, the Supreme Court affirmed that the practice of acupuncture is reserved only for medical doctors, midwives and veterinarians because it is a medical procedure whose practice is limited to medical doctors (Court of Cassation, Criminal Division, February 9, 2010, appeal No.: 09-80681).

Familiarization courses in acupuncture are offered as separate subjects in the undergraduate curriculum and postgraduate training courses at the universities (106). The medical association issues the National Capacity Diploma for Acupuncture (Diplôme de Capacité en Acupuncture)(106).

A non-physician acupuncturist, whose status is not regulated by the Code of Public Health, commits the offense of illegal practise of medicine as defined in Article L.4161-1 of the Code Law No. 2001-504 of 12 June 2001. The penalty of this offense has been strengthened.Acupuncture training for doctors with a national diploma has been provided since 2007 (113).


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