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Acupuncture in Greece

Acupuncture is regulated by law as a distinct therapeutic system in Greece (106). According to the decree 574/Α4/1191/21-2-1980 of the Greek Ministry of Health, "Acupuncture can be applied only by physicians, dentists and veterinarians with adequate experience and proper training in acupuncture"(134-136). Doctors practising acupuncture must be a member of the medical association (136).

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has given instructions for practising acupuncture (132). The medical association has recognized acupuncture as an additional medical qualification, and as an official part of the Continuous Education Programme (CME) for doctors (106).

Even if only medical doctors are authorized to practise acupuncture, other CAM therapists provide the treatment (135). Acupuncture clinics are established in some university faculties of medicine and hospitals of education and research (132).

The "Hellenic Medical Society of Acupuncture" was founded in 1992 and is a member of the "International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques (I.C.M.A.R.T). There are various acupuncture associations in Greece. In 2010 the "Scientific Association of Medical Acupuncture Greece" was founded (134).


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