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Acupuncture in Norway

In Norway, acupuncture can be provided by both medical and non-medical professionals, as well as inside or outside of the official health care system.

The professional title "acupuncturist" is not protected, so the title can be used by everyone. No licence or medical competence is required to provide it, but treatment of some health conditions and the execution of some procedures are generally reserved for medically qualified health professionals.

Acupuncture is known offered both in the public health service and in hospitals. Several professional clinical guidelines have been developed for managing the use of it inside the official health care system, including for chronic low back pain, pregnancy sickness, migraine and tension headache. Needling is considered part of standard physiotherapy and chiropractical treatment.

Medically qualified health professionals who provide acupuncture are supervised on basis of the Norwegian Supervision Act

In the case of an injury sustained by acupuncture treatment from a non-medically qualified provider, the government does not take responsibility for any compensation.If the provider is medically qualified, the Act on Patient Injury Compensation (Pasientskadeloven) may apply.

Expenses for such treatment provided by non-medically qualified providers are not reimbursed. When provided by medically qualified health professionals, they may under certain circumstances be reimbursed.

Yet private health insurance is not widely used, some companies offer insurance which reimburse the expense of acupuncture, regardless whether the provider is medically qualified or not.

In Norway, there are several professional associations which organize acupuncturists. Some of these associations are approved by the health authorities, making it possible for their members to list themselves in a voluntary, official registry of CAM practitioners. Acupuncturists listed here, must have a valid liability insurance against any claims for injuries sustained in their CAM practise.

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