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Acupuncture in Turkey

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Turkey October 27, 2014 New law on Regulations for Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practice. Read more in our article on Turkey.

Acupuncture is regulated by the Ministry of Health in 1991/2002 (290). By the regulation in 1991 MOH established the “Higher Acupuncture Commission” under the Ministry of Health in order to “decide who and under which circumstances they can treat various diseases and give the necessary education for the acupuncture treatment together with a certificate” (290).

Acupuncture can only be applied by physicians. To get the Authorization of Acupuncture Treatment Application the provider must have a medical degree according to the law numbered 1219, concerning the Art of Medication and Treatment applications (290).

Physicians who want to apply acupuncture treatment must have completed the courses that are affiliated with the Ministry of Health. These courses are given by the 3 universities approved by the Ministry of Health. There are 4 societies for Acupuncture.

Acupuncture treatment rooms and other aspects of the physical environment are strictly described by the Ministry of Health and regularly controlled by the regional agencies of Ministry of Health. Acupuncture courses are integrated in a few medical undergraduate curriculums (like Yeditepe University), and a professional chair of acupuncture exists at Yeditepe and Gazi Universities (291).

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is a 4-year residency program for medical doctors. If these doctors have a Ministry of Health affiliated course for acupuncture during or after their residency education they can apply acupuncture in physiotherapy, rehabilitation and pain clinics.

If an anesthesiologist has the same certificates then he or she can also apply acupuncture in the pain clinics (289). Additionally acupuncture treatment can be applied by physicians;
a) If holding a certificate received abroad that is regarded as appropriate and confirmed by the Higher Commission,
b) and successfully pass a course offered by the Acupuncture Higher Commission (292).

There are clinics of acupuncture in some faculties of medicine and teaching and research
hospital (291).


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