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Chiropractic in Israel

Chiropractor is from 2010 a regulated health profession in Israel. “On March 24, 2010, an amendment to the law regulating the practice of medical professions, 2008 (the “Health Professions” law, hereinafter), was published.

As a part of this, the practice of chiropractic was regulated. Those who meet the legal requirements, will be eligible for a chiropractic certificate from the Ministry of Health” (167). “The Ministry of Health is currently preparing for the implementation of the law.

At present, only those who had a Chiropractic Status Recognition Certificate from the Ministry of Health, either permanent or temporary, which was valid on July 22, 2005, are permitted to submit an application for a chiropractic certificate, provided that the application is submitted before March 24, 2012” (167).

“The Medical Professions Licensing Department will later on publish the procedures for
applying for a certificate for those who do not have a Status Recognition Certificate
(permanent or temporary)” (167).


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