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Chiropractic in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands chiropractic is a profession that falls under the heading of “alternative or complementary medicine” and to date the profession is not officially recognized and
regulated by the government (286).

The Foundation for Chiropractic Netherlands (SCN) is an independent institute for quality promotion and monitoring of the performance of chiropractic in the Netherlands. They work towards recognition of work requirements for chiropractic treatment under the Individual Health Care act (BIG) (286).

The chiropractic discipline has been made more transparent for patients and healthcare professionals by these quality descriptions. The quality of registered chiropractors in the SCN by the Netherlands Foundation for Chiropractic is periodically checked. The re-registration period is a period of five years (286).

The “Nederlandse Chiropractoren Associatie” is a member of the European chiropractors’ association (286).


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