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News – New regulation found after the CAMbrella deliveries:


Switzerland: 29 March 2016 Press release from the Swiss Federal Office of Internal Affairs (EDI). Read more.


Belgium: July 12, 2013 new regulation on homeopathy. Read more


Turkey: October 27,  2014 new law on Regulations for Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practice Read more, and see also www.homeopathyeurope.org/homeopathy-regulated-in-turkey


Portugal: September 2, 2013 new regulation on Homeopathy. Read more

Notice! All text below is copied from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec 31, 2012

21 countries have regulated homeopathy treatment. 15 countries have no specific homeopathic treatment regulations, but general CAM or other health legislation may regulate homeopathic practices.

Figure from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec. 2012
Map from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec. 2012

Switzerland has regulated homeopathy and has registered homeopath as a profession in the EU regulated professions database under “Natural health practitioner” as naturopathe/ homeopath.

2 countries (Latvia, Liechtenstein) have regulations that may be seen as a regulation of a homeopathy profession. Latvia has regulated “homeopathic doctors” Liechtenstein has registered “Naturheilpraktiker with a homeopathy specialty”.

Who may practice homeopathy. Table from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec. 2012
Who may practice homeopathy.
​​​​​Table from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec. 2012

The table “Homeopathy – Who may practice” is an example of how difficult it can be to understand the consequences of national regulation.

We have, to our best knowledge, listed whether the different categories of practitioners in each country are allowed to practise homeopathy. If only medical doctors with CAM additional education are allowed to practise, we have put “No” in the column for medical doctors.

This is done in the same way for other health personnel. If the regulation (or absence of regulation) is too unclear for us we have inserted a question mark.

The countries with CAM practitioners like Heilpraktiker, Natur heilpraktiker, healer and likewise may not be correctly represented.

We have decided not to introduce this table for other treatments because of the unclear

Table from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec. 2012
Table from the CAMbrella report – delivered Dec. 2012

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