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Homeopathy in Belgium

The Chamber of Homeopathy was established based on the Colla law in 1999. 

The Belgian Council of Ministers passed new regulation on homeopathy on 12 July 2013 which was made official by a Royal Decree published on 12 May 2014 by the Ministry of Health (accessed 12th June 2019):

Homeopathy is now a medical act and only medical doctors, dentists and midwives are entitled to practise homeopathy (dentists and midwives only within their competence). The Royal Decree lays down requirements for registration of homeopathic doctors:

Practitioners must have a degree in homeopathy from an official college or university, and the national teaching centres will have to comply with the European/ national CEN quality standards which are about to be formulated.

Transitional provisions will be developed for doctors who have already been practicing as homeopaths but do not comply with the new requirements.  Practitioners already practicing who do not have a medical, dentistry or midwifery diploma can continue their activities under a temporary measure until they fulfil the new requirements.

Practice of homeopathy by non-medical qualified practitioners will be illegal in Belgium.

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