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Homeopathy in Belgium

News - New regulation found after the CAMbrella deliveries:


Belgium passed new regulation on homeopathy on July 12, 2013. Read more.

See also: Homeopathy Europe (Belgium) and European Central Council of Homeopaths.

Notice! All text below is copied from the CAMbrella report - delivered Dec 31, 2012

The Chamber of Homeopathy was established based on the Colla law in 1999. Member nominations have been made according to the Royal Decree in the Belgian Parliament in 2010 (28). Homeopaths must be registered with a professional association accepted by the government (49, 50).


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49. Belgisch Staatsblad. Beroepsvereiniging “Vereniging voor Klassieke Homeopatie – Liga Homeopathica Classica” gevestigd te Antwerpen. C – 2007/22240, Pub. L. No. C – 2007/22240(2003).

50. ECCH. The Legal Situation for the Practice of Homeopathy in Europe; An ECCH report; Oct 2010; Revised Edition 2011,. Brussels: European Central Council of Homeopaths 2010.

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