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Homeopathy in Czech Republic

Homeopathy may only be provided by physicians after completion of courses organized by various homeopathic societies (75).

The Ministry of Health in the Czech Republic offers no homeopathy courses. Homeopathy is listed in the Act on Public Health Insurance (48/1997) as a method of public health not covered by insurance. Education of physicians is conducted in accordance with the educational law č.95/2004 Coll (75). We have found few changes, rather clarifications, in regulation of homeopathy in the Czech Republic in the last decade.

The Ministry of Health in the Czech Republic informed in 2004 that the Ministry “do not prohibit any physician with attestation to provide treatment involving homeopathy” (76). In 2010 CAM practitioners in the Czech Republic responded in a CAMbrella questionnairae that homeopathy in the Czech Republic is recognized as an additional qualification for medical doctors and veterinary surgeons (77).


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