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Homeopathy in Poland

Homeopathy is not a regulated treatment in Poland. Only medical doctors or dentists are allowed to treat patients, by that doctors can treat homeopathically without any interference (28, 225).

Non-doctor practitioners may practise CAM if they do not claim to treat patients (50). This is legal according to Polish Classification of Goods and Services, according to which a homeopath registers his activity at point 85.14.13-00.30 defined as (55): ”Services delivered by paramedical personnel, including homeopathic services and similar, excluding services delivered by medical doctors” (70).

A law published in April 2010 defines “Practitioners of unconventional or complementary methods of therapy” and the title “homeopath” is specifically mentioned (50). Art. 5 of the Articles of Association “The Company’s scope of business activities” refers to homeopathy treatment in PKD 86.90.D) Activities of paramedics include homeopathy treatment (226).

Homeopathy in Poland is not recognized as a medical specialization (41). “On 4 April 2008 Poland’s Supreme Medical Council adopted a resolution disapproving of homeopathy” (41, 225). The resolution seems to be not consistent with the Polish and European Pharmaceutical Law which accepts Pharmacopeia with homeopathic remedies (225).

Polish homeopaths are associated in a few homeopathic associations (225). Basic homeopathic training for medical doctors is organized by Center for Practical Training in Classical Homeopathy (Ośrodek Praktycznego Szkolenia Homeopatii Klasycznej). Seminars in classical homeopathy are held by Polish Homeopathic Association (PTH) and Great Poland Homeopathic Physicians’ and Pharmacist’ Association (WSHLiF) (225).


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