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Homeopathy in Spain

The Congress adopted 29 September 2009 a proposal forwarded by the Committee on Health and Consumer Affairs of the Spanish Parliament on a new act recognizing homeopathy as a medical act (28, 263).

The law was planned to come into force in 2011 (263). Homeopathy as a medical act can only be legally practised by medical doctors (28).

Homeopathy is recognized as a medical act by the Committee on Health and Consumer Affairs of the Spanish Parliament, Act dated 29 September 2009 (28). The act urges the governments to “take the measures necessary for the exercise of homeopathy exclusively by graduates in medicine and surgery”(28).

The Spanish Medical Council (Consejo General de Colegios Oficiales de Médicos) passed 17 December 2009 a resolution that recognized the practice of homeopathy as a medical act (28).

The Spanish Medical Association Council supports homeopathy, provided it is practised by physicians. Homeopathy training is offered as postgraduate medical studies at the university level (60).

Postgraduate homeopathy training for doctors is provided at universities in Spain (106). Homeopathy treatment is provided in two hospitals in Spain (106).


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