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Naturopathy in France

The profession of naturopathy belongs to the category "Self-employed". To register as a naturopath a code NAF (Nomenclature of French Activities) assigned to the profession is NAF 8690 F "human health activities not elsewhere classified". There are two categories of professionals:

  • One category is protected by registration with a professional order requiring a state diploma or equivalent French licence validated for the exercise of the national territory.
  • The other is a set of activities that do not, to date, guarantee a degree of training of professional activity in question. The consultancy work or that of "health practitioner", unacknowledged by the French state, falls into the latter category. This professional activity can be exercised in different structures, either personally, or in partnership”.

Naturopathy is not statutory legally regulated or offered in hospitals in France (113)


113. Delahaye G. Email: CAM in France. Paris 2011.

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