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Osteopathy in Austria

Austria has no legal regulation of osteopathy (25). “Osteopathy is neither recognized nor prohibited and can be practised by different people with different professional qualifications, with or without medical background and training” (25). “It is legally unclear if osteopathy represents a ‘specialisation’ of medical-scientific professions (e.g. doctor, physiotherapist) or if it is an ‘independent’ treatment method”. According to the current legal status, the practise of osteopathy (as mechano therapeutic measure of patient treatment) by doctors and physiotherapists is possible” (25). Osteopathy might still be governed by Austria's general regulation of CAM, which you can read about in our article on Austria.


25. Wilfling E. Survey, Systematisation and Comparison of Professional, Advanced and Continuing Training Programs for Osteopathy available in Austria in the Winter Term 2006/2007. Wien: Donau Universität Krems; 2007.

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