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Osteopathy in Latvia

On the grounds of the order of the Latvian Ministry of Health from 28 May 2002 osteopathy was declared as a method of treatment and science, as well as specialty (183).

“The Latvian osteopathic centre” was created in 1988, and in 2005, was re-registered as the Baltic Osteopathic Association (183). The association has a licence from the Ministry of Health of Republic of Latvia Nr. 11, supplement 2 from 16.09.2005. BOA is a public professional society, the members have a doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) degree and are practising in this sphere (183).

All the doctors who serve patients have a rank of “Doctor of osteopathy”, which is confirmed by the diploma in accordance with international standards (183).

There are about 10 osteopaths in Latvia who have the diploma of the Higher School of Osteopathy – a branch of the European osteopathic university in Geneva. They are also members of the Baltic Osteopathic Association (BOA) and are included in the European Register of osteopaths (183).


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