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Osteopathy in the Netherlands

“The Stichting Nederlands Register voor Osteopathie (NRO) is the executive and supervising organ for the registered rules for the profession of osteopathy in the Netherlands” (287).

“The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Osteopathie (NVO) promotes the interests of the osteopath and the client in general” (287).

By specifying the professional profile and code of osteopathy, including the recognition criteria of training, the College voor Osteopathie determines the requirements for the registration in the Registry NRO (287).

In the Netherlands the following authorities for osteopathy are active: College voor Osteopathie (CvO), Stichting Nederlands Register voor Osteopathie (NRO), Nederlandse Vereniging voor Osteopathie (NVO) (287). The College voor Osteopathie (CvO) is an independent council whose responsibility is the promotion of the quality of the osteopath profession (287).


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