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Other treatments in Finland

Physiotherapist is a regulated and protected title in Finland (105). The professional title is “Fysioterapeutti”. Legal protection of the title and activity of physiotherapists has been established and they have founded rules of professional conduct for physiotherapists. All physiotherapist members must be registered and obtain a licence to practise physiotherapy. Finland has established a code of ethics for physiotherapists. The "National Authority for Medicolegal Affairs" is responsible for the physiotherapy profession in Finland (108).

Physiotherapy is registered in the EU regulated professions database as follows: Physiotherapy is a directly related regulated profession with title “Fysioterapeutti/ fysioterapeut” (Physiotherapist (EN)) recognized under Directive 2005/36/EC(109) , ID 729. General system of recognition- primary application. Qualification level: PS3 - Diploma of post-secondary level (3-4 years), Art. 11 d (7).


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