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Other treatments in Luxembourg

Physiotherapy is regulated as “Masseur-Kinésithérapeute”. Masseur and masseur-kinésithérapeute are recognized as regulated health personnel in Luxembourg. The title and the professional activity is protected by the state (203).

The practice of these professions is subject to a prior authorization to practise by the Minister of Health (201, 202). The physiotherapist must be state registered (203). Masseur-kinésithérapeute and masseur is regulated since 1969 within certain paramedic professions (202)(see massage).

The national authority responsible for the physiotherapy profession in Luxembourg is the “Ministère de L’Éducation Nationale” and the “Ministère de la Santé” (203).

Physiotherapy is registered in the European regulated professions database as follows:
Physiotherapist is a directly related regulated profession with title “Masseur – kinèsithèrapeute” recognized under Directive 2005/36/EC (5), ID 348. General system of recognition- primary application. Qualification level: PS3 – Diploma of post-secondary level (3-4 years), Art. 11 d(7).


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