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Other treatments in Serbia

The CAM bylaw lists Bioresonance therapy, Macrobiotics and Traditional local medicine as methods of treatment suitable for practise in Serbia (245).

The bylaw lists the following methods of health promotion suitable for practise in Serbia: Apitherapy, Aromatherapy, Chi Gong, Spiritual medicine, Energy medicine, Yoga, Tai chi chuan, Others (245).

According to the bylaw, CAM can be practised only by health workers, i.e. physicians, stomatologists, pharmacists, nurses and health/medical technicians like physiotherapists (246).

Physiotherapy is a regulated profession called physiotherapist (физиотерапеут). It is managed by the legal department of the Chamber of medical nurses and medical technicians of Serbia; however, a medical technician is a broader term including also other orientations.

Educationally it is more than required for a nursing degree (two years of education more), but less than the university degree. It is mostly practised under the guidance and supervision of physicians (specialists of physiatry)(246).

The Serbian Society of Physiotherapists was established in 2001, and they founded the Society of Occupational Therapists of Serbia.


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