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Regulation status of CAM in EU/Europe

Blue countries: Regulated profession and EU registered and Green countriesRegulated profession but not EU registered

A profession is considered regulated when access to it and the exercise of it are subject to the acquisition of specific professional qualifications (Directive 2005/36/EC).

The European Commission has established the EU Regulated Professions Database for EU Member States, EEA countries and Switzerland on the basis of Directive 2005/36/EC. Some states have CAM professions registered in the Regulated Professions Database.

If a specific profession is regulated and registered in the EU Regulated Professions Database the respective country is displayed in blue; if it is regulated but not registered in the Database it is displayed in green.

Red countries: Regulated treatment but not regulated profession

General regulation of a specific therapy exist, e.g. a therapy is regulated as a distinctive therapeutic system, or there is regulation of who can practise a therapy but the profession itself is not regulated..

Yellow countries: No therapy-specific regulation

No regulation for a specific treatment is available but general CAM or general health legislation might apply (please see respective countries).

The maps were originally developed for the CAMbrella report (2012) and are now updated by NAFKAM. NAFKAM regularly checks the information and endeavours to update the maps as and when regulatory changes occur. The maps are free to use for research and educational purposes but please observe common copyright regulations.

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