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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Liechtenstein

TCM is legally regulated in Liechtenstein as a treatment that may be provided by the
“Naturheilpraktiker” (185).

According to the health law of 2007(185) licence to practise TCM is provided according to regulations of the newly regulated profession the Natural health practitioner – “Naturheilpraktiker”.

Licence is given by “Amt für Gesundheit” based on authorization from a governmental approved educational institution and a following statutory exam (185).

Licence as Naturheilpraktiker with TCM specialty is depending on TCM education and registration in Switzerland and the Swiss TCM exam (186). See more information under the description of Naturheilpraktiker.

Practitioners must register. See more details under the description of the Natural health practitioner (Naturheilpraktiker).


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